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Who we are


TWR-CZ is an independent national partner of the world’s biggest broadcast network – TWR-International. TWR-CZ joined the common mission of spreading faith in the one God, the Creator and His Son Jesus Christ who was sacrificed as a ransom for all sin.

The Czech editorial office is located in Brno and coordinates production of programs and broadcasts in the Czech language.

TWR-CZ is registered with the government of the Czech Republic as a civil association.

TWR-CZ honors the authority of the Bible, respecting basic documents of the international TWR (Mission Statement of TWR - International and International Rules of Broadcast Production together with International Journalists´ Ethic Principles that stress respect towards truth, freedom, reliability and honesty).

In the production of programs the diversity of various denominations is considered, as well as the Treaty of Lausanne.

The Czech editorial office is independent of any legislative and economic institution (except for volunteering))

TWR-CZ is a non-profit organization and does not broadcast commercial advertisement.

History of TWR-CZ

Since August 1968 (after the military occupation of Czechoslovakia by Soviet block army) the programs had been prepared in Monte Carlo, in cooperation with many illegal co-workers from the country. CZ_H_Vozehovi_za_mladaIn 1970 the responsibility of the exiled Christian broadcast was taken over by Otakar Vožeh. During this period of time there was a very active letter exchange with the listeners from the communists´ led country but the contacts were watched closely and many listeners´ responses were taken by the state police. Many people got saved through this illegal broadcast which was listened to by thousands of both believers and nonbelievers from across the denominational spectrum, all searching for spiritual nurturing. Soon after the breakdown of communism in the jiri_dedecius_nahravacountry as the “Iron Curtain” broke, the Czech editorial office of TWR was established in Brno (Sept.10 1990). This was a foundation to a new step in the broadcast mission ministry as the Czech department began taking responsibility for both editorial and financial functions in the ministry´s home country.

After moving 4 times around Brno, finally a building was built where the ministry has been operating until today. From the original broadcast of 15 minutes a day, the ministry had grown into 13-14 hours of broadcast in Czech language daily (which is a half of the 24/7 internet and satellite radio project, run together with the Slovak editorial team.


 Watch the video about TWR-CZ history and present

There is a music studio in the building too, available to recording contemporary Christian music. Some 70 albums have been produced already which has enriched the original Czech Christian music scene.

Twenty-four hour broadcasting in cooperation with our Slovak partner editorial office has been the last big radio project so far and we are anticipating new development.

Organizational structure

The highest authority of TWR-CZ is the counsel. Its responsibility is overseeing, authorizing annual economical reports, annual progress report, appointment of a director and vice director. The members of the counsel are chosen from partner evangelical churches. The Implementation team is led by the Mission leadership board, headed by the director of TWR-CZ. There are 5 members on the Mission leadership board and its responsibility is to execute the mission and goals of radio ministry. The Executive team includes three departments: editorial board, technical department and others.




Trans World Radio - CZ
P.O.Box 96
656 96

Phone: +420 515 535 487 

e-mail: twr@twr.cz





Rádio 7 – The Radio 7 station is owned by the Czech and Slovak TWR editorial teams

24/7 broadcast, 1:1 participation of Czech and Slovak editorial teams with focus on spoken message, main programs broadcast live (contact type of programs with listeners´ responses). Focus on sharing the Gospel – the direct and indirect mission (building up believers and encouraging them to reach out to unsaved people).

Short wave broadcast – 4 fifteen minute broadcasts a week

Medium wave broadcast – 7 thirty minute broadcasts a week

FM Radio Proglas – 6 fifteen minute weekly shows + 60 minute live show every Saturday

FM Český rozhlas – 60 minutes live show every Saturday



Ke kořenům (To the roots)


We invite those who dislike contentment of staying on the surface to a journey to the depths, to the roots….Biblical explanation with a deep insight, analysis and pursuit of fundamental principles.


Doteky (In touch)


The series of biblical studies by Dr. Charles Stanley. God´s Word is all-powerful and touches and transforms humans´ lives.




Life sometimes plays on white notes and sometimes on black ones. Sometimes rapidly, sometimes slowly and peacefully. Our life is an ongoing intensity of piano and forte. In Fortepiano we want to look at life – in short stops as well as in moments of pondering and reflection. Get ready for colorful life stories and conversations over themes that are not always easy to deal with.


Complete offer of program production of Radio 7 is here.


penize_a_penezenkaUntil 1990 all the expenses were provided by foreign sources. After 1990, TWR-CZ went through a transition from foreign support to independency which was completed in 2005. That year a round-the-clock presence of Rádio 7 started and the needs had expanded about 40%. (MW and SW broadcasts have never been covered from TWR-CZ budget).

The main foundation of TWR-CZ has always been trusting in God´s blessing
In addition, we highly value:

  • generous good will of the supporters

  • clear statement against paid advertisement in broadcast

  • refusal of any sponsor´s gift which requires any kind of personal control over activities of TWR-CZ

  • emphasis on independence is supreme over financial benefits

In spite of financial deficits (which keeps workers’ wages low and limits progressive development of different areas) TWR-CZ decided in 2009 to run a campaign to support two TWR-Africa workers. These two colleagues work illegally to bring the Good news to areas strongly hostile to Christianity. TWR-CZ pledged to participate in covering their wages through Czech nationals - sponsors. By God´s mercy it has been successful so far.


Annual need of finances: 240.000EUR

Annual incomes: 180.000 EUR (which means reduction of operations)


Our activities

  • preparing programs and live broadcasts

  • follow-up service (support or contact) for listeners

  • educational opportunities

  • music recording

  • publishing activities

  • cooperation and support of TWR international activities



Programs of different types: 50

Listeners: thousands of people, FM tens of thousands

Ratings of www.twr.cz : approx. 1400 p.

Website downloads: up to 30 thousand a month

Sponsors: cca 1200

Staff/co-workers/authors: 12/20/80



Listeners´ feedback


First I listened to your Radio7 in April 2009. I was long-term ill in that time. Since that I have been a daily listener of Radio7. I am working again today but when possible I listen to the Czech programs of Radio7 with a great delight because the program is very, very good. I want you to take this as my thank you and compliment for your work. It is mending my hurt soul and bringing hope and strength to endure the times of great struggles in the area of survival of my soul…


It has been 30 years already since I have first “caught” Christian songs on TWR from Monte Carlo. I heard for the first time that time the Good News from the speaker O. Vožeh. It changed my life. Though I was a member of a church, I ended up being very isolated, lonely. I have struggled for a long time with what to do. I knew it wasn´t right to leave the fellowship but I couldn´t handle statements like this: “The Bible is not God´s Word – there are many mistakes and discrepancies.” “Certainty, confidence in one’s salvation is pride because nobody can really know how he will end.” “Hell is just a fantasy and fairy tale for children.” Etc. After years of hesitating I left the church. I don´t really know how things would turn out if I did not have my Bible and TWR (I listen to all programs when possible). I am not alone any more, I have a lot of brothers and sisters who confess the same as me: The Bible is God´s Word – I can have complete confidence in my salvation because it is from grace only, not from deeds – I am a child of God – the Lord Jesus will never leave me nor forsaken me – I know Jesus Christ is God, He is the Son of God who came to this Earth to redeem us from eternal death (from hell) – the Lord Jesus Christ was risen from the death and is on the right Hand of God. I am born again and I have crossed from death to life. Well, I have described my way of faith and let me thank you for this opportunity to listen to your programs. I experience these wonderful moments at peace in my home…




To reach out with the Gospel to as many listeners as possible – pursuit of FM broadcast, promotion of the Christian broadcast TWR-CZ

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